Products - Aspherical Immersive HD Optical Engine

Innovative high performance aspherical immersive optical engine for wearable near-eye display market, featuring excellent image quality with vivid colors, low cost, and low power requirements for battery operated devices.

The immersive binocular near-eye engine features Syndiant’s SYL2271 HD LCOS panel that is capable of displaying both 2D and 3D content. The patented LCOS micro-display all digital architecture integrates smart electronics to achieve full 720p HD resolution in a highly compact 0.37” diagonal panel.

The combination of the all-digital panel architecture and the optimized optical engine provide an excellent solution for any near-eye application requiring a large virtual image with outstanding picture quality.SYE2271-AS-IMMSYE2271-AS-IMB

Product Brief  SYE2271-FF-IM Product Brief

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