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Syndiant Pico Projection System Reference Design Kit Accelerates Product Development

Syndiant introduces complete reference design including optics, electronics, LEDs and Syndiant’s industry-leading HD microdisplay technology

DALLAS – (January 7, 2013) – Syndiant, a leader in high resolution microdisplays, has teamed with world-class technology companies to develop a complete reference design solution to enable accelerated development of new products that use small form factor High Definition projection. The reference design kit will be demonstrated during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Syndiant reference design solutions will enable acceleration of new product development for exciting new markets such as:

  •   Augmented reality applications for near-to-eye and automotive
  •   Innovative new accessories for smartphones and tablets
  •   Pico TV

Greenlight Optics and imagineOptix have provided game-changing new optical components. Excellent optical performance and efficiency is provided by Greenlight’s Polarizing Beam Splitter and imagineOptix’ PG Polarization Conversion System. OSRAM and ColorLink have also provided important components.

About Syndiant, Inc.
SYNDIANT manufactures high resolution light modulating chips used in pico projectors small enough to embed in a cell phone. SYNDIANT’s patented all digital technology provides a large screen experience in handheld electronics. The company has offices in Dallas, Taiwan and Hong Kong.