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Syndiant Showcases Innovative Accessory for Smartphones and Tablets

Syndiant has developed a platform that brings projection technology to smart mobile devices to deliver a truly multi-user experience with gesture recognition.

DALLAS – (January 7, 2013) – Syndiant, a leader in high resolution microdisplays, has developed an innovative product that enhances the already compelling value propositions of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Syndiant’s new mi-Stand product, extends the battery life of the host device, gives it enhanced audio performance and adds image projection giving the user a big screen experience from a smart mobile device. By adding projection capabilities to devices that already have built-in cameras, Syndiant is able to demonstrate how gesture recognition can turn a single user small screen product to a multi-user interactive solution giving the user a truly social experience.

“With the explosive growth of smartphones, tablets and the software apps that run on them, consumers will appreciate a device that extends the value of these mobile devices,” said Keith Lewis, VP of Sales and Marketing of Syndiant. “By giving a phone or tablet extended battery life, superior sound and the ability to expand the limited display to a large projected image a truly new user experience is achieved. The most significant enhancement is the ability to incorporate gesture recognition to interact with a projected image using the built-in camera of the host device. Imagine playing multi-user Angry Birds on a 100” image or a child learning to spell with an app that allows her to interact with a projected image to select letters and then be rewarded with sounds or images for the correct spelling. We believe that this new solution will be embraced by the mobile app development community as it will give them a totally new platform by associating the camera and projector due to the form factor of Syndiant’s mi-Stand.”

Syndiant has developed a turn-key reference design and will be showing the mi-Stand to consumer electronics manufacturers who would be good partners to take this concept to market at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 8-11th 2013. Syndiant will have a private suite in the Las Vegas Hotel adjoining the Convention Center.

About Syndiant, Inc.
SYNDIANT manufactures high resolution light modulating chips used in pico projectors small enough to embed in a cell phone. SYNDIANT’s patented all digital technology provides a large screen experience in handheld electronics. The company has offices in Dallas, Taiwan and Hong Kong.