About Syndiant

Hand-held consumer electronics are constrained by their small screen size. Ultra-portable projectors, or pico projectors, allow consumers to enjoy a large screen experience in portable electronics, such as smart phones, notebook computers, digital media players, game consoles and cameras. OEM Customers indicate that all key technology elements are ready with the exception of a light modulator that meets cost, form-factor, resolution and power requirements.

Syndiant’s technical advantage lies in its patented architecture, which uses powerful but elegantly simple parallel processing to enable the world’s smallest and highest resolution light modulating chips used in ultra-portable or pico projectors.

Current News

Syndiant introduces a Wearable Near-Eye Optical Engine Based on Liquid Crystal (LCOS) Micro-display Technology
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Syndiant selected by Cremotech and SK Telecom for its Laser HD Pico Projector
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Syndiant Showcases Head-Mounted Displays at CES
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